Make Extra Money

Use digital signage to earn revenue by housing one of our display screens – and allowing other “non-competing” businesses to advertise their message.

By allowing Add-Savvy to install an HD flat screen at your location, you automatically become a member. The HD screen will display various messages that will inform, educate, and even entertain your customers. As a member of our advertising program, your business will enjoy benefits that provide an advantage over the competition.

The perks extended to your business:

Additional Revenue:
Receive advertising revenue – We will do all of the work

Digital Signage:
Convey important messages to your customers: Promotions, Special-Offers, New Services

Enhanced Waiting-Experience:
Pre-occupy waiting customers with: breaking news, sport updates, stock-market info, or trivia – your choice

Free Ad-Creation:
Our designers will create crisp ads for your business – including a professional headshot – at no cost

The agreement is simple:

No Contracts:
Request the removal of the flat screen at any time – No questions asked

Real-Time Response:
Request an ad to be removed; the change will take effect immediately

Specialists review all content – No offensive content will be permitted

Never remit payment to us – for anything
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