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Mass emails are no longer effective, and are more likely to be deleted than read by employees. Place your polished content in high-traffic areas, and ensure it’s seen multiple times a day.

Need frequent updates to your content? – No Problem. Add-Savvy can instantly create and change all communications important to your business. Use digital signage as an effective tool for corporate updates/news, community involvement, donor recognition, newly released products, and emergency notification.

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iconQuickly Update Information

Lifeless lettering strips, and expensive print signs are inadequate and unattractive. It’s critical to realize the savings with digital signage. In seconds, update panels in the lobby, outside, and throughout the property. Effortlessly stream content to be seen by visitors and residents. Use your client specialist, or our website to make as many changes as needed – 24/7.
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iconStrategic Placement

Corporations are strategically placing signage in cafeterias, entrance ways, and hallways to communicate quarterly metrics, product accomplishments, community involvement, and employee recognition.
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iconOrganization Aids

Our platform even makes your company more orderly. Use our software to easily reserve conference rooms for group meetings or presentations. Immediately, the small digital sign outside the room will indicate the meeting time, the occupant’s name, and the room’s remaining availability. Meetings can also be scheduled for future dates.

iconTransform your customer’s waiting experience.

Exhibit your most flavorful dishes and newly added items. Allow employees to see your delicious menu in an attractive way. Replace boring menu boards with digital content that can be easily updated, and is as exquisite as your menu items.

With enticing menu item images, and informative nutritional information, employees will be enticed to make the purchase. With creativity, consistency, and accuracy, our display menu boards are the key ingredient to any successful cafeteria.

Jewish Hospital

iconShowcase Values

Donor boards are extremely effective for recognizing contributors, and communicating organizational values. Use attractive content as a way to motivate other prospective donors.

Donor boards are also an effective way to showcase your donors, and express your gratitude and appreciation.

Media Blurb

iconLive Information

It’s critical that your content is fresh and relevant. Pull in information from various media outlets, seamlessly providing your viewers with various types of information (weather, stock-markets, breaking-news, trivia).

Stream in live video from a cable channel, a DVD player, or a syndicated feed.

Display Frames

iconCustom Frames

Allow our specialists, and contractors to construct an elegant masterpiece that will revive any work environment – skillfully crafted for your decor, we will create a charming and customized-frame for your engaging content.

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