Effective Communication:

Communicating effectively with students through traditional print is almost impossible. Place your high-energy content in high-traffic areas, and ensure it’s seen multiple times a day. Instruct visitors to the main office, promote prom tickets, or provide event details. No matter what the communication is, it will be seen by all. Need frequent updates to your content? – No Problem. Add-Savvy can instantly create and change all important communications. With school safety being a significant concern, use digital signage to instruct / inform students and faculty during a crisis situation.
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iconQuickly Update Information

Lifeless lettering strips and expensive print signs are inadequate and unattractive. It’s critical that you realize the savings with digital signage. In seconds, update panels in the lobby, outside, or throughout the property. Effortlessly stream content to be seen by visitors and residents. Use your client specialist, or our website to make as many changes as needed – 24/7.
Meeting room revised

iconOrganization Aids

Our platform even makes your company more orderly. Use our software to easily reserve conference rooms for group meetings or presentations. Immediately, the small digital sign outside the room will indicate the meeting time, the occupant’s name, and the room’s remaining availability. Meetings can also be scheduled for future dates.
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iconEducational Updates Made Easy

Energetic content will surely grab the attention of busy students on the go. Panels are being used in hallways, cafeterias, and waiting areas to direct parents and visitors. Provide athletic updates, promote cafeteria specials, and announce student achievement.
Emergency Notification

iconReliable Broadcasting

Unfortunately, our schools are not immune to dangerous and hostile situations. In the event of an emergency, use your digital panels to keep our kids safe by providing instruction, alerting students, or assisting authorities. With our reliable solution, inform students/faculty of fires, bomb threats, suspicious individuals, tornadoes warnings, or extreme weather warnings.
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iconTransform your customer’s waiting experience

Exhibit your most flavorful dishes and newly added items. Allow customers to see your delicious menu in an attractive way. Replace lifeless menu boards with digital content that can be easily updated, and is as exquisite as your menu items. With enticing menu item images, and informative nutritional information, customers will be enticed to make the purchase. With creativity,consistency, and accuracy, our display menu boards are the key ingredient to any successful cafeteria.
Media Blurb

iconLive Information

It’s critical that your content is fresh and relevant. Pull in information from various media outlets, seamlessly providing your viewers with various types of information (weather, stock-markets, breaking-news, trivia). Stream in live video from a cable channel, a DVD player, or a syndicated feed.

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