Lose the paper

Stop wasting money on lifeless brochures, flyers, and pamplets. Digital advertising is extremely effective with full- motion video, and animations. Strategically connect with your target-audience by placing polished content, in high-traffic areas.

Allow the Add-Savvy design team to create captivating ads that will motivate your customer to purchase your product or service. As a member of our advertising program, your business will enjoy benefits that provide an advantage over the competition.

The perks extended to your business:

Increased Exposure:
Hundreds of target-customers will become aware of your product/service, and possibly see your ad up to 10 times in one sitting

Free Ad-Creation:
Our graphic designers will create a powerful ad for your business, including professional headshots and photos of your location – at no cost

Strategic Locations: All locations include the following:
-High traffic
-Extended wait times – (Allows target-audience to see your ad multiple times)
-Short distance to your business

The agreement is simple:

No Contracts:
Request the removal of your ad at any time – No questions asked

Real-Time Response:
Request edits to your ad; the change will take effect immediately

Specialists review all content – No offensive content will be permitted

Location Review:
All businesses that house our display screens are screened to ensure professionalism

*Members can request to prevent other businesses from advertising similar products / services
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